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Virtual Registration

Santa Dash Virtual 5K

Set your goal, do your thing

A virtual race is one you run yourself, where you want and when you want. Run on a trail or a treadmill; solo or in a group. Set your goal and get to it! Have fun! This year, we're providing a unique virtual race experience, you'd get to share in part of the live experience.


Register now and set your goal, join us on Dec. 19

race packet

Once you register, a race packet will be mailed to you. Packet includes a t-shirt, race bib and a finishers medal


Set your race goal and begin on your own time during the race period. Run anywhere!


Log your race here, whip out that well-deserved finisher's medal and take a selfie, share your pictures with our fitness community.

Virtual 5K Experience

This year's Santa Dash Virtual 5K, we're focusing on providing an inspiring and fun virtual race experience for everyone. No matter where you happen to be, you can still enjoy participating along with the live races.

3723 - Route II.jpg
Register for the virtual race, run on your own, in any location, indoors, outdoors, solo, or with a group. Share your race with us!
Dec 19, 2020, 10:00 AM CST
Virtual 5K
Register Now for Santa Dash virtual 5K

We hope you join us for Santa Dash 5K this Christmas! If you registered for the live race and wish to switch to virtual, don't hesitate to contact us so we can arrange for your race packet.

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